Anna Makri (24/03/1985 – 12/11/2012), BS and PhD in Biology, Department of Biology of the University of Patras, was the first PhD graduate of the Laboratory of Microbiology and one of its most important members. For many years she participated in many research projects and worked with passion and strength, inspiring even until nowadays the newest members of the Laboratory. Her work became the subject of presentations in international and national conferences and meetings and was published in international journals. Her papers have received a high number of citations. Anna left untimely (at the age of 27) but we will remember her forever.

Alexandros Kommatas, Maria Mastoridou, Pari Mistrioti, Grace Adhiambo Onjaro, Maria Tselepi, Kostas Papatrechas, Katerina Alexopoulou, Jina Rouni, Kostas Michos, Dimitris Bellos, Synthia Chatzikotoula, Eirini Tsiligaki, Verra Kompoti, Ilona Pavlidou, Anna Moustogianni, Nikoleta Nomikou, Ioanna Nikolaou, Amalia Koulouri, Antonia Despotidi, Dimitris Kakavas, Ioanna Parnassa, Aggelos Ntimtsas, Nefeli Elezi, Nikoleta Ntiantiasi, Maria Efstratiou