Project title: Biotechnological treatment of biowastes for the production of high-added value products
Project duration: 2010-2012
Budget: € 15.000
Financial support: Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology, European Union

Short project description

This is a bilateral Greek-Turkish project aiming in the development of biotechnological processes for the valorization of the biowastes produced from important agro-industries of both countries. Specifically, the aim of the project is the reduction of the environmental pollution caused by selected biowastes and the production of high added value products, such as microbial lipids, ethanol, etc, that have much to offer to bioprocesses economic viability. The renewable resources and agro-industrial residues used will be characteristic of the agricultural production of both countries (i.e. byproducts of the industries of biodiesel, olive-oil, tomato, sugar, apple, wine etc).